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TSI Touch Product Identification Guide

This guide will provide you with information on how to identify your TSI Touch product. It is important to understand what type of product you're working with before you attempt troubleshooting or configuration changes.

TSI Touch provides two different touch technologies: Infrared (IR) and Projected Capacitive (PCAP). Determining which of these technologies you're using is simple.

  • PCAP products are completely flat and resemble a much larger version of your smartphone or tablet. They do not have a bezel or touch components that go beyond the glass.
  • IR products have a protective glass sheet that is set behind the touch component and the protective metal bezel. Think of a picture frame with the glass behind the frame.
  • The following are PCAP products from TSI Touch

  • 3M
  • Displax
  • These are the IR products from TSI Touch

  • Baanto Shadowsense
  • IDS
  • PQLabs
  • Touch Expert
  • Once you understand if you're implementing IR or PCAP technology, you can identify your product. With the monitor or Touch Solution in the landscape position, find the USB cable coming from the frame. The cable may come from the corner or the back of the metal protective bezel.

  • 3M PCAP - A single USB cable coming from back of the unit on top
  • Displax - A double red and black USB cable coming from the back of the unit in the top center
  • Baanto Shadowsense - A short female USB connection coming from the upper right corner along with a power connection
  • IDS - A single USB connection coming from the lower right corner
  • PQ Labs - A single USB connection coming from the lower left corner AND a serial number sticker on the male connector
  • Touch Expert - A single USB connection coming from the lower left with no serial number sticker
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