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Learn the differences between our three best-selling touch technologies.

TSItouch offers a multitude of touch technology solutions, but there are three technologies that generate 99% of our touch screen sales: Infrared, ShadowSense, and Projected Capacitive.

Each of these touch technologies have competitive advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when searching for a touch solution that will fit your needs and budget. Below is an explanation of how all three types of touch technology work as well as some of the specific advantages of each.

Here at TSItouch, not only do we pride ourselves on high-performing and user-friendly touch screen products, but also our dedicated and educated Customer Service & Technical Support Team. We are equipped to provide different types of solutions (troubleshooting, In-Warranty programs, Out-of-Warranty service) for any situations or problems that our customers may come across. We understand that certain cases need to be solved immediately, and with our company van, we can offer a quick, easy solution.

TSItouch has been issued Patent #9,671,824 for our Glass Retention Bezel System (GRBS)

As of June 6th, 2017, our protective glass solution for video wall monitors is now patented. We are excited to receive this official patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office!

Proper Touch Solution Cleaning: A 4-Step Process

Cleaning your touch screen solution or commercial grade display is an easy but necessary task for any owner. TSItouch is here to provide you with detailed instruction on cleaning your touch solutions and displays in a manner that is efficient and not harmful to your solution.

Have you ever tried to destroy a touch screen?  We tried to shatter one of our tempered glass touch screens using basketballs and failed, but isn't that a good thing?

Do you have ideas for other videos we could produce? Send us a message!

We greatly enjoyed sharing the latest in touch screen technology when we attended many 2016 technology trade shows in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and New York City.

If you missed those shows, you can still check out some photos of our technology trade show booth below or learn more about our custom touch screen options here.

Android is becoming a front runner that you may be considering switching to for multi-touch applications.

Why? It's quite affordable and easy to use! The average price range for an Android device is between $40.00 and $145.00. This is so much cheaper than a Windows or Apple product.

Have you ever wondered how your choice in device OS, such as Windows, Apple, Android, Chrome, Linux, etc. will affect usage of your HID Compliant (Human Interactive Device) Touch Screen?

The world needs more touch

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