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Congratulations to Boyd Sign Systems for receiving the TStouch Certification!

Boyd Sign Systems are experts in custom signage solutions and fabrication. Located in Englewood, CO, Boyd Sign Systems started their company with sandblasting and hand carved wood sign systems. As their business grew, so did their opportunities and capabilities. Their demand pushed them towards new and varied materials, techniques, and finishes within the digital signage world!



The 10.1 integrates perfectly into the modern workplace, enabling efficiency in any space where people come together to get things done. The fully integrated and durable design paired with the multi-color LED bar lights, makes this the solution for your needs.


TSItouch, Inc - a manufacturer of touch screen and protective solutions for commercial grade displays and video walls, continues to offer and is pleased to announce larger Metal Mesh Projected Capacitive sizes.

As we’ve all discussed, customers and end-users have expressed concerns regarding technology, social distancing, and sanitation in a COVID-19 environment.

Have you ever tried to destroy a touch screen?  We tried to shatter one of our tempered glass touch screens using basketballs and failed, but isn't that a good thing?

Do you have ideas for other videos we could produce? Send us a message!

Proper Touch Solution Cleaning: A 4-Step Process

Cleaning your touch screen solution or commercial grade display is an easy but necessary task for any owner. TSItouch is here to provide you with detailed instruction on cleaning your touch solutions and displays in a manner that is efficient and not harmful to your solution.

TSItouch is well known for working with any company in the industry. It is the signature of TSItouch that we can create an interactive solution for any display, with any touch technology, functional with any software. This versatility makes partnerships one of the most important aspects of our business. 

We want to show our most trusted partners appreciation by giving them our official stamp of approval. Partners who share our same passion for providing the best possible solution to every customer. Those companies that help us put forth an end product that we are proud to associate with the TSItouch name.

We will be highlighting TSItouch certified companies in the coming months. Think your company should be TSItouch Certified?

Click Here to apply!

Here at TSItouch, not only do we pride ourselves on high-performing and user-friendly touch screen products, but also our dedicated and educated Customer Service & Technical Support Team. We are equipped to provide different types of solutions (troubleshooting, In-Warranty programs, Out-of-Warranty service) for any situations or problems that our customers may come across. We understand that certain cases need to be solved immediately, and with our company van, we can offer a quick, easy solution.

Congratulations to Palmer Digital Group (PDG) for becoming a TSItouch Certified company!

Palmer Digital Group, a division of Industrial Enclosure Corporation, specializes in custom indoor and outdoor digital kiosks and enclosures. These digital solutions also include drive-through digital menu boards for the QSR industry boasting the most cost-effective solution in the industry and with operating temperatures of -20f to 122f. Palmer Digital Group leverages the forty plus years of Industrial Enclosures expert fabrication capabilities by designing digital kiosk enclosures for outdoor applications that meet more than seven UL ratings.

Congratulations to BSC Enclosures LLC for receiving the TSItouch Certification!

BSC Enclosures LLC (BSC) designs and manufactures custom and run-rate enclosure solutions. The BSC Enclosure team is full of experts who believe that building your perfect enclosure is both a science and an art. Their degreed engineers are mechanical experts and esteemed artists,
so the end product catches your audience’s attention and is easily serviceable/installed. BSC Enclosures has state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained craftsman. Their fabrication team is balanced and equipped to manage any project – a perfect blend of smart machines for programmed production and highly trained welders for the details that need a human touch.

Learn the differences between our three best-selling touch technologies.

TSItouch offers a multitude of touch technology solutions, but there are three technologies that generate 99% of our touch screen sales: Infrared, ShadowSense, and Projected Capacitive.

Each of these touch technologies have competitive advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when searching for a touch solution that will fit your needs and budget. Below is an explanation of how all three types of touch technology work as well as some of the specific advantages of each.

The world needs more touch

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