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  • 2, 10, 40, 80, 100 points of simultaneous touch available
  • Zero-bezel, sleek flat front design
  • Thermoplastic seal eliminates any gap between bezel and glass, providing a harborage free touch solution
  • Flat front creates an easy to clean, water and dust resistant touch interface
  • Adds another layer of protection with our extremely strong tempered glass

How It Works


Projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology has just recently been scaled up for use in large format applications like the TSItouch interface. PCAP touch has been implemented in popular handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets for years. In a PCAP system, a touch point is detected when a finger or stylus comes in contact with the surface, signaling a change in the system’s electromagnetic field and capacitance. This touch triggered change is then pin-pointed and converted to locations on an X/Y electronic grid.

The system uses this point on the X/Y grid to determine the placement of the touch. The TSItouch Sealed PCAP interface features a seamless ¬at front bezel design, allowing the monitor to be easily be wiped clean, eliminating having to worry about dust and dirt collection. The thermoplastic seal between bezel and glass eliminates the possibility of any bacterial harborage on the unit. Our Sealed PCAP interface’s high performance touch technology and sleek, sanitary design, make it our top-tier solution.

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Multi-Touch Tech True multi-touch support with up to 100 simultaneous touch points for all major operating systems

hid compliant

Superior Design Zero bezel at front with tempered glass, creating an excellent optical performance


Easy to Clean Flat front water and dust resistant design makes cleaning easier than ever.


Thermoplastic Seal Eliminates any gap between bezel and glass, providing a no harborage seal

Sealed Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Industry Applications

Sealed PCAP touch has a distinct advantage in applications where ingress of dirt/harborage is a health standards issue. Applications for Sealed PCAP touch include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Any Food Service Industry Location
  • Hospitals/Medical Care Facilities

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