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Android is becoming a front runner that you may be considering switching to for multi-touch applications.

Why? It's quite affordable and easy to use! The average price range for an Android device is between $40.00 and $145.00. This is so much cheaper than a Windows or Apple product.

But it’s important to note some important requirements when you want to implement touch with any Android device.

  1. Android uses Linux as part of its operating software and Linux contains a "kernel." The Linux kernel version must be 3.6.x or higher in order for any HID (Human Interactive Device) Touch Screen to be recognized and used.
  2. Our testing shows that Android versions and devices may not be forward and/or backwards compatible with touch screen technology. E.g. an Android device using OS version 4.4.x may not be compatible to upgrade to Android OS version 5.1.x or higher.
  3. Android version 5.1.1 (or higher) now supports "portrait" configuration for monitors and content in a digital signage environment. But when you want to upgrade your Android OS to 5.1.x to utilize Portrait and HID options, you may encounter problems. The solution is to acquire a new Android device running 5.1.x.

We have tested all our touch screen solutions with Android devices and determined we have several touch technologies that work amazingly well with Android including Infrared (IR) and Projected Capacitive (PCAP). Both IR and PCAP support Single & Dual (Pinch and Zoom) touch, and PCAP also supports Multi-touch (up to 12 touch points).

This is all out-of-the-box with Android Version 5.1.x and kernel 3.14.x.

So if you’d love to use Android with your touch solutions, you can, just be sure that you have the appropriate Android OS version and kernel version to meet your needs.

Want some help figuring all this out? Feel free to contact us!

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