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CNN's John King
CNN's John King covering the 2020 Election (Photo courtesy of CNN)

Eleven Out of Ten CNN Viewers Believe the World Needs Even More Touch

John King, CNN’s Chief National Correspondent, has made 2020 election coverage a brand-new sport as he dominates the floor using touch technology provided by TSItouch.

The TSItouch solution has proven to be a useful tool in assisting John King as he covers important election updates. The flawless touch technology combined with John’s impressive touchscreen skills, have captivated the attention of sports fans across the nation making CNN’s Magic Walls the talk of the town.

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John King provides continuous updates on the 2020 US presidential election, while utilizing CNN’s Magic Walls, to convey powerful graphics and meaningful statistics in an easy to digest manner. CNN’s Magic Walls are built on TSI’s live broadcast solution, using a Samsung QM85 commercial display integrated with ShadowSense touch, anti-glare glass and a custom designed bezel. CNN raves about TSI’s live broadcast solution, which allows on air talent to easily customize touch sensitivity and reject accidental touches. The blend of touch configurability combined with the optical properties of the anti-glare glass has proven to be a versatile tool for their live broadcast needs.

You can also dominate your own floor, court, field, office (or whatever it may be) by using TSItouch solutions.

Simply put, the world needs more touch.

TSItouch is a manufacturer of touch screen and protective solutions for commercial grade displays and video walls. Located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, TSItouch is a 100% employee owned company. TSItouch was established as an independent company in 2011.

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The world needs more touch

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