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Have you ever wondered how your choice in device OS, such as Windows, Apple, Android, Chrome, Linux, etc. will affect usage of your HID Compliant (Human Interactive Device) Touch Screen?

It’s true most PC’s and Media Players may be HID compliant, however implementing multi-touch changes everything.

A standard touch screen driver may allow for one, two, or a few more touch points. But since some of our touch technologies can handle up to 80 touch points, that sometimes requires additional drivers to achieve the level of multi-touch functionality you desire.

And these drivers are dependent on your device and the OS running on it!

With With Windows OS, 90% of our standard IR touch screen solutions are HID compliant up to six (6) touch points right out of the box. All our projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen solutions are HID compliant up to eighty (80) points of touch with a Windows OS. No drivers or software needed.

For Apple, Android, Chrome, and Linux, our touch screens should be HID compliant, but it depends on several factors.

Linux Devices

  • Touch is dependent on the Linux kernel that is installed on the device. This applies also to Android and Chrome devices as these devices are based off of Linux OS.
  • Linux kernel 3.6 (or higher) is the minimum version that must be installed in a device in order for it to be HID compatible with our touch screens. But remember, it may only be single touch.

Apple Devices

  • Single touch is available out of box.
  • In some cases, a UPDD driver will need to be installed.
  • If full multi-touch functionality is desired by the customer, a customer may have to install the TUIO Server. The customer may then have to modify their content software to work with the TUIO Server.

So it’s incredibly important to know in advance what device and what OS you plan to use so you maximize your touch screen capabilities. It's worth considering these options carefully to determine which steps to take due to varying time, manpower and cost.

If you’re dead-set on a particular device to use with your touch screens, contact us about sending us a “loaner” device for testing purposes. We can fully evaluate whether your PC, iPhone, Surface, MacBook, or other Linux, Apple, Android or Windows devices will give you the multi-touch functionality you need.

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