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Proper Touch Solution Cleaning: A 4-Step Process

Cleaning your touch screen solution or commercial grade display is an easy but necessary task for any owner. TSItouch is here to provide you with detailed instruction on cleaning your touch solutions and displays in a manner that is efficient and not harmful to your solution.

Cleaning Instructions:

Step 1 – Power Off the Display

This shuts down all electrical components and makes it easier to see marks and dust when cleaning.

Step 2 – Apply Solution

Spray the cleaner/solution directly onto a clean soft cloth.

Spraying the cleaner/solution directly on the touch screen may cause damage.

Step 3 – Clean the Glass

Wipe the glass surface with the clean soft cloth. Use circular motions to avoid smudges and streaks.

Step 4 – Inspect

Inspect the touch screen glass. Repeat cleaning as required until touch

screen glass is dust and smudge free.


Cautions and Primary Causes of Damage:

IR touch anatomy

Don’t put your solution at risk! Failure to abide by the following cautions could result in damage a touch screen solution or display.


Do not use permanent or dry-erase markers on the screen. If dry-erase markers are used on the screen, remove the ink as soon as possible with a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth.

Do not use any chemical solvents such as acidic or alkali solution.

Do not use abrasive cleaning products that will scratch glass.

Do not apply cleaning solution directly to the touch screen. Apply the cleaning solution to a soft cloth. Then use the cloth to clean the screen.

A note regarding the cleaning of infrared (IR) touch solutions:

Damage to the electronics housed behind the IR filters may be caused by the application of cleaning fluids directly to the glass surface or IR filters. This may result in the penetration of fluids and flooding of the electronics.

To avoid, be sure to apply your cleaning solution to a cloth and do not allow an excess of cleaning solutions to run off and build up on the IR filters.


For a quality cleaning solution, check out the TSItouch Screen Cleaning Kit in our online store!

Need a downloadable PDF version of our cleaning instructions? Click Here

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