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Mirror Glass at MARLI

To allow for a contactless shopping experience, MARLI New York has tapped the expertise of JB&B Consulting Engineers to design an experience where the customer can try on the jewelry without coming into physical contact with the jewelry or the sales floor representative. By installing a mirrored glass touch screen with a built-in hidden camera, the customer can now browse through this digital catalog and virtually try on a piece of jewelry of their choice. These touch screens were manufactured by TSItouch, Inc and installed by Elyon Systems with extreme precision. Due to its location in Hudson Yards, the aesthetic of the technology had to fit the rest of the space without compromising the functionality. The panels were integrated with PCAP Displax 40pt touch on Mirrored Glass and recessed into a mirrored glass wall. We decided that the NEC P554 would be the best fit due to the brightness option of 700nit and went with PCAP on mirrored glass to keep a flush aesthetic look in the retail environment.

There is a real challenge in selecting the proper glass to use with PCAP (touch technology) in a mirror application as metallic elements of the glass have a real risk of blocking so much of the touch signal as to make the whole thing non-functional. It took research and testing to find the proper type of coated glass to allow for touch while also being reflective enough for the application. Over the years TSItouch has evaluated many different manufacturers of mirror coated glass and tested them against multiple touch technologies. We have identified a product that has the proper visual impact without detracting from the touch functionality.

Once the glass is selected, identifying a display that will have the right brightness to ensure the visuals remain as impactful as intended is the next challenge. We have tested dozens of displays from multiple manufacturers and found a few solutions that have the right blend of brightness, image fidelity, and price to make them perfectly suited for applications like this.

The final part of this puzzle is, of course, the touch solution. For the most seamless look and feel, a PCAP film was custom laminated to the specialized mirror glass. This PCAP and Glass construct was then mounted into a bespoke narrow bezel frame and mated to the display.

Listening to our customers, working out their needs, identifying the proper components, designing the hardware needed to complete the build, and delivering a solution that exceeds the expectations of the end-user is how we go to market. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality are our greatest strengths, and we think semi-custom solutions like our mirror touch offerings best reflect (pun intended) the breadth of our capabilities.

About TSItouch, Inc

TSItouch is a manufacturer of touch screen and protective solutions for commercial grade displays and video walls. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we offer our customers the best products the industry has to offer.

TSItouch is an employee-owned business located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and was established as an independent company in 2011.

About Eylon Systems


Elyon Systems has been founded on the principles of customer service. From the very first interaction, we develop a mutual partnership with our clients. Our deep attentiveness allows us to custom tailor each system to meet the clients' realistic needs, providing an AV and security solution they will enjoy for years. From our in-house engineers and programmers to our meticulous technicians, and our administrative staff, every team member has been handpicked, playing a pivotal role in the process of exceeding our client’s expectations in today’s ever-changing world of technology. The many successful projects of varying complexity serve as a testament to our technological prowess.


We are a full-service custom electronics design and integration company, providing AV and control systems for offices, amenity spaces, homes, education, and hospitality. Our smart AV technology solutions make your home or amenity space safe, practical, fun and easy to use. Businesses experience increased productivity and enhanced environments for employees and customers, with simple control. When entrusting us with your project you become our priority. Our team is comprised of passionate experts whose number one priority is to provide the best products and services to our clients with a smile.


Our mission is to connect builders, IT managers, and businessowners with innovative technology solutions to simplify and enhance their lives. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance and delivering easy-to-use options for all electronics systems within their space. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate, problem-solve, and simplify the technology for our customers.

About MARLI New York:

MARLI New York is a fine jewelry brand from New York. Created by Maral Artinian and founded on the principles of timeless presence and individuality, MARLI New York has a minimal magnetic aesthetic that draws inspiration from the world’s most dynamic city and the amazing women who live in it.

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