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TSItouch has been issued Patent #9,671,824 for our Glass Retention Bezel System (GRBS)

As of June 6th, 2017, our protective glass solution for video wall monitors is now patented. We are excited to receive this official patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office!


So, what exactly is the Glass Retention Bezel System (GRBS)?

The TSItouch GRBS provides an alternative solution to bonding cover glass. The GRBS is a cost effective, serviceable, and modular solution that allows protective glass (clear, anti-reflective, and anti-glare) to be mounted directly to each video wall display, providing protection to the OEM bezel and displays’ panel. In the event of a monitor failure, the GRBS can easily be removed, avoiding any issues associated with servicing a bonded display.

The GRBS provides excellent protection for both touch interactive and non-touch video walls.


protective overlay drawings1


The GRBS consists of four precision machined metal bezels, 1/8” thick tempered cover glass, and all mounting screws (per display). Each kit is custom designed to be a perfect fit for each make and model of display. The GRBS does NOT block any of the viewable display and does NOT interfere with any interactive technology.

But why is it necessary to use a protective solution on a video wall?

As video wall monitors can be fragile and expensive, it is important to protect your investment! This protection is particularly important in the case of touch interactive video wall solutions. With users constantly touching the face of an interactive solution, it is imperative to keep the displays protected with a reliable product like the GRBS.

Typical video walls are made up of displays with ultra-narrow bezels which range anywhere from 1 to 5 mm in thickness.  Ultra-narrow bezels provide users with an enhanced viewing experience and are aesthetically pleasing, but they leave the displays vulnerable to damage. Displays with ultra-narrow bezels are not designed to withstand interactions with the general public.

In the event that a video wall is mounted in an area where it can be accessed by the general public, there is a high probability that the displays will be damaged, requiring repair or replacement.

The tempered glass provided by the GRBS is extremely protective against outside force. Rather than boring you with a science lesson on why tempered glass is so strong, check out our protective glass stress test:

In the event that a piece of glass in our GRBS is to fail, the glass shatters into small pebbles and does not become a safety hazard. Other protective glasses, such as chemically strengthened glass, break into harmful shards during a failure.  

Why not use one large glass shield or bonded cover glass?

For video walls larger than a 2x2 format, a single piece of protective glass becomes too large to be effective or serviceable.

Because of this, the traditional method for protecting large video wall installations is to bond a piece of cover glass directly to each individual display. But, there are several drawbacks associated with bonding cover glass to displays: long lead times, serviceability, high cost, and warranty support of the display. In the event that a display requires repair or replacement when using a bonded glass solution, the bonded cover glass must be debonded before it is returned to the OEM. This causes several issues: the end users incur significant freight costs, the process is time-consuming, and displays are frequently damaged during the debonding process.

The GRBS is a system of individual protective shields for each display within a video wall. But, unlike bonded glass solutions, the GRBS is free of any warranty or debonding complications.

With shorter lead times, lower costs, and simplified life-cycle support, our GRBS provides the perfect solution for protecting your video wall investment.


Learn more about the patented protective glass system via the GRBS data sheet.

For photos of our GRBS installs, check out our video wall photo gallery.

View our press release on the granted patent for the GRBS.

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