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TSItouch Van

Here at TSItouch, not only do we pride ourselves on high-performing and user-friendly touch screen products, but also our dedicated and educated Customer Service & Technical Support Team. We are equipped to provide different types of solutions (troubleshooting, In-Warranty programs, Out-of-Warranty service) for any situations or problems that our customers may come across. We understand that certain cases need to be solved immediately, and with our company van, we can offer a quick, easy solution.

50 miles Southeast of Pittsburgh, our facility is located in Uniontown, PA. With the TSItouch Van, we can transport multiple and large products within driving distances to various destinations. Our company van allows our employees to travel to customer’s locations with tools, equipment, and products safely for on-site repairs or replacements that are needed.

From a previous experience, a customer needed a replacement for a touch screen product. However, the issue wasn’t reported until the end of the day, and it was too late to schedule a delivery with a freight carrier. With TSItouch’s preparation and service capabilities, we were able to transport the unit ourselves to meet the customer’s needs. The next morning, two of our employees traveled 350 miles to Rochester, New York, to provide an exchange of the defective and replacement units by the afternoon.

If a location is further and out of range for the TSItouch Van, our service team is ready and experienced with flight travels. TSItouch employees have traveled all over the United States and parts of Canada to provide the repairs or service for our clients. By land or air, TSItouch is prepared to deliver our promise.

We, TSItouch, truly believe in our touch screen products and customer service by providing and performing nothing but the best to offer. We continue to stand behind what we build and what we service. Although this situation is uncommon, TSItouch prepares itself for all types of issues our customers may experience. Everybody knows that problems can occur within any type of business which is the reason why TSItouch believes that every problem has a solution.

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