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TSItouch, Inc - a manufacturer of touch screen and protective solutions for commercial grade displays and video walls, continues to offer and is pleased to announce larger Metal Mesh Projected Capacitive sizes.

Projected Capacitive PCAP Metal Mesh allows TSItouch to build touch solutions with greater accuracy, higher performance, and superior optical clarity. Metal Mesh provides greater signal strength as compared to other varieties of PCAP which brings not only greater accuracy but faster performance to our touch solutions. PCAP touch relies on very small differences in signal strength between the drive layer and sensor layer to determine where and when a touch happens on the screen.

Metal Mesh technology allows the touch controller to effectively prioritize touch events over low-level electromagnetic interference.

Displax Skin Mesh

The Metal Mesh sensor uses a latticework pattern of metal conductors to create an electrical field with a uniform signal strength on the sensor. Because these conductors are so fine, they are nearly invisible. Their extremely small size allows a greater amount of light from the display to reach the user, leaving the image bright, crisp, and clear.

TSItouch offers Metal Mesh based solutions for a wide variety of displays measuring 32”-86".

Download the PCAP Metal Mesh Data Sheet

About TSItouch, Inc: TSItouch is an employee-owned business located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. TSItouch was established as an independent company in 2011.

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