Elevating the High-End Experience with Skin Ultra Technology


In the realm of interactive technology, TSI Touch stands as an industry leader, setting new standards with its exceptional PCAP touch displays. Among its many innovations, one shines above the rest – the game-changing Skin Ultra technology, redefining the touch experience for high-end projects.

The Pinnacle of Touch Sensitivity: Skin Ultra

TSI Touch is proud to offer innovative Skin Ultra technology, a marvel of engineering that delivers the most responsive and sensitive touch surface available. This proprietary technology is the secret sauce that distinguishes us from the competition, making it the go-to choice for projects that demand nothing but the best.

Multi-Touch Excellence

Skin Ultra takes multi-touch to a whole new level. It offers the highest number of touchpoints available, enabling seamless collaboration and interaction in any environment. Whether it’s a bustling boardroom, an educational institution, or an upscale restaurant, Skin Ultra ensures that multiple users can engage with the display effortlessly.

Customization Beyond Expectation

When it comes to creating bespoke solutions for high-end projects, TSI Touch is unmatched. While they offer a range of standard products, their true strength lies in customization. With Skin Ultra at your disposal, you can tailor tables and furniture to meet your exact specifications, guaranteeing a solution that aligns perfectly with your vision.

The Ultimate Presentation

In the world of sales and presentations, first impressions matter. TSI Touch’s interactive touch tables, enhanced by Skin Ultra, offer the ultimate platform to impress clients and outshine competitors. The combination of PCAP technology and Skin Ultra creates an unforgettable, visually immersive experience that elevates your pitches to the extraordinary.

Unveiling the Future of Interaction

With TSI Touch’s Skin Ultra technology, you’re not just interacting with a screen; you’re immersing yourself in a world of possibilities. Whether it’s high-stakes business negotiations, educational excellence, or exceptional customer experiences, Skin Ultra paves the way for a new era of interaction.

In conclusion, TSI Touch’s dedication to innovation and its pioneering Skin Ultra technology redefines the touch experience, especially for high-end projects. With the best touch sensitivity and customization options available, TSI Touch sets the bar high for excellence in interactive technology. Embrace the future of interaction with TSI Touch and Skin Ultra, and witness your projects reach unprecedented levels of success.


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