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  • Infrared-based technology
  • 6 or 10 touch points available
  • Features superior palm rejection algorithms combined with the ability to accurately detect shape and size of touch objects
  • Accurately detects the touching objects such as a pen/stylus, user’s fingers, palm, or a special eraser, and reports this data to the operating system
  • Enhanced filtering and analog sensors allow operation in bright conditions up to full sunlight

How It Works


ShadowSense Touch technology is based upon the precise and accurate detection of an object’s shadow as it enters, hovers within, or transitions out of a sensor’s field of view. When a finger or an object touches the screen, multiple shadows are cast out at different angles. The touch point is created where multiple shadows converge together best describing the touch location. When the shadows converge, the intersection of the shadows also describe the size and shape of the object.

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Any Touch Detectable Touch points are detectable from nearly any type of touch i.e. gloved or wet hands. Not limited to finger or stylus


Sunlight Immune Enhanced filtering and analogue sensors allow operation in bright conditions up to full sunlight


Shape Detection ShadowSensors describe the size and shape of a touch point by detecting the shadow it casts

ShadowSense Industry Applications

ShadowSense touch has a distinct advantage in applications where direct sunlight would adversely affect an IR touch screen. Applications for ShadowSense touch include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Television Studios/Broadcasting
  • Car Dealerships
  • Outdoor Applications
  • Any Building with High Levels of Ambient Light (such as atriums/skylights)

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