Digital Technology Evolution in the New York Waterway Ferry System’s Advertising Program


Outdoor Solutions Group (OSG) announced a digital technology evolution within the New York Waterway ferry system’s advertising program, providing advertisers with dynamic digital canvases to reach their target audiences. The first phase of the digital network, located within the Midtown W. 39th St NYC and Port Imperial Weehawken NJ ferry terminals, consists of 27 digital displays utilizing UHD Samsung QMR series displays and Broadsign content management & programmatic software.


To successfully implement the digital network, it was essential to create a seamlessly integrated system that would enhance the user experience, while maintaining the visual aesthetics of the iconic New York Waterway ferry terminals.




TSI Touch partnered with Outdoor Solutions Group to provide custom in-wall enclosures and protective anti-glare glass for the new digital displays. The innovative design and implementation of these digital canvases complement the existing terminal designs and locations.


The digital display network generates over 4.5 million total weekly impressions, according to Geopath, with an estimated additional 1.17 million “digital moving out of home” total weekly impressions inside the ferries. The new digital network has elevated the advertising opportunities for partners and clients, allowing brands to communicate more effectively with waterway travelers.

Key Contributions from TSI Touch:

  1. Custom in-wall enclosures: TSI Touch designed and manufactured custom in-wall enclosures to seamlessly integrate the digital displays into the existing terminal and ferry designs.
  2. Protective anti-glare glass: TSI Touch provided protective anti-glare glass for the digital displays, ensuring optimum visibility and durability.
  3. Collaboration with Outdoor Solutions Group: TSI Touch worked closely with OSG to deliver a premium signage experience to the NY Waterway ferry system, resulting in a digital network that reaches thousands of commuters daily.




TSI Touch’s collaboration with Outdoor Solutions Group, Pearl Media, and Oak City Integrations has successfully transformed the New York Waterway ferry system’s advertising program. The digital displays offer an innovative and effective means for brands to reach their target audiences, while enhancing the user experience for commuters and visitors to New York City. This case study highlights TSI Touch’s commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions that cater to the unique needs of each project.

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