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WVU Exploring the Digital Signage World

West Virginia University (WVU) is a popular college campus and is known all over the United States. WVU is an expanding campus that has thousands of new students enrolling every year. The constant expansion has led to a need for a simple, easy solution for information to be displayed on the many Donor Walls and Hall of Fame installations across their campus. WVU began to explore the use of digital signage to meet these needs and provide informational capabilities throughout the installations across their campus. With the addition of interactive solutions, WVU would be able to provide quick, valuable information for all users.

Customizing WVU’s Solution

Working with the InfoStation team at WVU, TSItouch designed a custom solution to meet the demands of WVU. The products manufactured were ShadowSense and Projective Capacitive (PCAP) touch overlays built specifically to fit the Samsung DM, PM, and QM series displays being utilized on the WVU campus. The TSItouch overlays included customized extended cold rolled steel bezels with highly protective tempered glass. The solution provided an innovative, user-friendly touch experience and protection for the commercial grade Samsung displays. WVU chose to utilize Samsung displays because in their experience the monitors have always had a track record of high quality at a competitive price.


ShadowSense touch technology was first chosen because it is not susceptible to ambient light sources compared to Infrared touch technology. As PCAP was introduced to WVU, they began to make more purchases with this touch technology because the solution has an aesthetically pleasing zero-bezel appearance and is also immune to ambient light sources. With the customized extended bezel of the TSItouch overlays (with ShadowSense), WVU was able to cover all other hardware behind the displays to create a clean, finished look. The operating system, mounting hardware, etc. were enclosed within the final product and hidden from users with side bezels that extended from the front of the solution to ¼” from the wall. The digital content management solution WVU utilizes is Four Winds Interactive (FWI), one of TSItouch’s industry partners. Through leveraging FWI’s content manager and player software, WVU is able to create custom content that supports the visual communications plan of the university.

Reviewing WVU’s Results

TSI’s products are now installed in 13 buildings on the Morgantown campus, with 17 installs utilizing fully interactive content. “The products we have purchased from TSI have helped to continue the saturation of digital signage at WVU while giving our monitors’ screens more protection. They also give us the ability for interactivity in the future and a clean installation without needing to add on any additional material to [the] sides of our monitor to hide the mounts and wire from a profile view of the installation,” said Steve Stavar. By connecting interactivity with digital signage, WVU is engaging more and more with their students, staff, and visitors.


TSItouch Delivers Their Promise

The interest of adding dependable interactivity to their digital signage network brought WVU to TSItouch. By understanding WVU’s expectations and requirements, TSItouch continues to work with WVU to create custom touch solutions to meet their needs. The high quality custom touch overlays were installed on reliable displays to allow for interaction with the WVU’s digital content while maintaining a clean, professional look with no wires or hardware visible.

The project with West Virginia University exemplifies the TSItouch mission statement; “We are dedicated to consistently providing our customers with high quality, cost-effective products and services”. TSItouch offers only the best in the industry. With our experience in customized solutions, TSItouch can manufacture a product to meet any customers’ specifications.

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