Faneuil Hall

Problem Statement:

Faneuil Hall Marketplace was looking for a way to improve the customer experience by providing an interactive wayfinding solution that would help visitors easily navigate the marketplace and find the stores, restaurants, and attractions they were interested in. They needed a solution that would be easy to use, reliable, and offer seamless integration with their existing infrastructure. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, a popular historic tourist destination located in Boston, Massachusetts. The marketplace features over 100 stores, restaurants, and boutiques, and attracts millions of visitors each year.


TSI Touch provided Faneuil Hall Marketplace with a custom-designed solution featuring multiple Samsung displays enabled with our advanced touch technology capabilities. The displays are rated for outdoor use (IP65) and feature a sunlight-resistant design to ensure optimal performance in bright outdoor environments. The displays are also enclosed in a durable stainless-steel bezel with a heating element, ensuring they function flawlessly in harsh outdoor conditions. To meet the customer’s specific request to deploy the solution using their existing enclosures, TSI Touch used their expertise to retrofit the solution to the existing equipment. This involved securely mounting the Samsung displays in the stainless-steel enclosures and aligning them for optimal performance.


Faneuil Hall Freedom Trail Boston MA USA Massachussets.


Our partner, Ground Support Labs, developed a custom software application that integrated with Faneuil Hall’s existing infrastructure and provided visitors with an interactive map of the marketplace. Visitors could use the displays to search for specific stores or attractions, or browse by category, such as food, shopping, or entertainment. The application also provided visitors with real-time information about events and promotions happening at the marketplace.


The implementation of the Samsung displays has provided Faneuil Hall Marketplace with several benefits. Firstly, the displays have improved the customer experience by providing visitors with an interactive and engaging way to navigate the marketplace and find the stores and attractions they are interested in. Secondly, the displays have helped to reduce the workload on staff by providing visitors with self-service access to information. Lastly, the displays have helped to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing them with a positive and memorable experience.




TSI Touch’s Samsung displays, deployed in partnership with Ground Support Labs, have proven to be a successful solution for Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The displays have provided visitors with an intuitive and interactive way to navigate the marketplace, find the information they need, and enjoy a positive customer experience. The solution has been a win-win for both Faneuil Hall Marketplace and its visitors, and we are proud to have played a key role in its success.

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